M3 Sports Therapy

provides a stellar combination of top practice, knowledge and athletics rehabilitation. Our service focus on the treatment, prevention, and exercise to move better.

Nutritional advice is also available for you.

M3ST’s comprehensive Sports Therapy Program is just designed to meet your demands of everything you do.

Who is this service for: Weekend Worriers, Athletes, people for suffering from chronic types of pain.

・Injury Evaluation

・Recovery from orthopedic surgery

・Ones who look for advanced treatment,  recovery, and exercise therapy.

・Soft Tissue Treatment/ Mobilization

Flow of our Session (40 mins or 70 mins)

1 Asking Injury history: to specify the site of injury, asking how, when you got injured.
2 Checking your Range of Motion, as well as how you activate the neuromuscular system as a unit through manual muscle tests.
3 Treatment and Short Exercise to recover your condition for 40 or 70 mins.
4 Instruct your home original exercise and explain your condition until reach your goal.

M3 Sports Therapyでは痛みのない身体、更に動きやすくをモットーに以下の流れでセッションを行っています。

1 リアリング(問診):何をして、どのように怪我をしたのか?など怪我をした部位を特定するために質問をしていきます
2 可動域チェックを行い、動いて欲しい筋肉が力が入るのか、代償運動があるのかをチェックして効率よくトリートメントに進めるように状態を把握していきます。
3 トリートメント/ショートエクササイズを行います(40分or70分)メニューはこちら
4 次回のセッションの流れとホームエクササイズの指導